From the Founder

Hi, I'm Haddie, founder of Homebody Coffee Co.

After experiencing tons of issues in my early 20s due to too much caffeine, I am so grateful that you're here to recognize, first and foremost, that you are not alone in this journey.

Not everyone wants to drink decaf coffee and we are not in the business of forcing people to do so.

We are offering a solution to a market of coffee lovers that's slower, more intentional, and less caffeinated. Not only that, we help support those who want a non-toxic home in every way through an all-natural decaffeination process. 

Our decaf audience reaches far and wide from tech CEOs to mothers; from veterans to young doctors.

Everyone who loves coffee can enjoy all the great things about the coffee ritual without the consequences of caffeine.

And with your help, we can break down the myths and stereotypes about decaf coffee together. We can remove the stigma of 'I'm not me before coffee' and help people tap into their natural energy and vitality. You can help coffee lovers just like you and I enjoy their coffee rituals without the consequences.

Coffee is for everyone, caffeine isn't.   

I knew I wanted (needed) things to slow down in my life.

When I thought about how my day went from start to finish, one of the easiest changes to make was to remove caffeine from my daily routine. That way, I could still enjoy that coffee ritual without the ups and downs throughout the day. Without the shakes, jitters, and sweats.

Once I did that, something totally wild happened. I honestly did not think that simply switching to decaf could have any impact on my day, but oh how wrong I was.I weaned myself off caffeine over the course of a few weeks and during that time frame I already saw positive changes. I could keep everything I loved about my morning ritual and didn’t pay for it later.

I felt better throughout the day because my energy wasn’t spiking and I wasn’t experiencing any sort of anxiety. From there, the end of the day was more pleasant. I enjoyed the drive home and went to bed at a decent time - falling asleep faster than I ever had before and sleeping deeply throughout the night.When the realization hit - that the only change I made was switching from regular coffee to decaf had changed my life in this way I knew I had made the right choice.

It wasn’t without snags, though.Because not all decaf is created equally and decaf - at the time - just was not readily available.

Most coffee brands have one MAYBE two decaf options on their websites and none that were interesting or exciting.Not only that, but the more I learned about decaf, the more informed I became about how decaffeination works.

Larger brands and big companies use chemicals to remove the caffeine. This strips the flavor and leaves behind chemicals that you, the drinker, end up holding in your body.

Gross, right?

I dove into natural decaffeination methods and tried so many different brands, beans, and processes until I found one I really liked. I say I ‘really liked’ because I still wanted to LOVE my coffee without the caffeine, but it was turning out to be harder than I expected.

I couldn’t give up though. I learned about the Swiss Water Process of decaffeination and tried a bag of coffee from a local roaster that used this process for their beans.

It was like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Of a few things, I was sure.

1. Decaf was my new coffee habit.

2. Swiss Water Process was the superior decaffeination process.

3. I needed to find interesting and exciting decaf roasts somewhere.

I knew what I wanted.

I wanted clean, naturally processed decaf coffee and I wanted options. Different roasts, blends, origins, and even flavors! This didn’t exist for me and for others like me and it needed to change.

I created Homebody Coffee Co as the vehicle to share a wealth of options for high quality, naturally processed decaf coffee but also as a reminder of my own core principles in being a homebody.

A reminder to find quiet moments. Rest, relax, slow down. Not only will switching or integrating decaf into your day help make your life better, but so will quiet moments, slow days, and mindful practices. 

About the Swiss Water Process

Swiss Water Process® is the most natural decaffeination process for modern coffee drinkers. Normal decaffeination leans on harsh chemicals to pull out the caffeine and it strips the flavor too. 

With SWP decaf, there are no harsh chemicals, no overly roasted beans, and no lack of flavor.

We process all of our coffee - decaf and half caff - using the SWP to ensure the best, most natural flavor. 

How do we get our decaf to taste so good?

We use the Swiss Water Process®, an organic-certified, chemical-solvent-free method that removes only the caffeine—and none of the flavor.

Swiss Water works in small batches to remove caffeine from unroasted coffee using its patented Green Coffee Extract. Caffeine moves out of the coffee, while leaving all the original compounds within it. All steps are meticulously tested for quality.

It's then sent back to our roastery where we roast it with the same care and attention we do with our caffeinated coffees.

Choose Better Decaf and taste the difference today!

You can trust the Swiss Water logo knowing every batch of washed green beans is quality tested to ensure its 95-99% caffeine free.

Not only that, but we get those perfect beans sent to a small, family-owned roaster in Georgia where your beans are carefully and mindfully roasted to perfection. They never sit and get stale, you’ll never find mold, and each bag delivered to your door will have been roasted within the last 5-7 days for the freshest coffee you can get.

When you make the switch you’ll get:
→ Better tasting decaf coffee (some say it’s the best decaf they’ve ever had!)
→ 100% chemical free and 99% caffeine free coffee beans
→ Freshly roasted in small, intentional batches
→ Shipped directly to you straight from the roaster

You’ll also notice:
→ Better focus and more balanced energy levels
→ Improved sleep
→ Improve morning alertness with your natural vitality
→ Fewer afternoon energy crashes
→ Fewer bouts of anxiety or jitters
→ A coffee replacement that’s actually coffee - not powder pretending to be coffee