Experts Talking About Coffee + Caffeine

Experts Talking About Coffee + Caffeine

We're not scientists or experts - we're coffee addicts, not caffeine addicts - so we wanted to create a repository on some helpful information, videos, and articles that show experts (in their respective fields) discussing coffee and, more specifically, caffeine. They talk impact, usefulness, and more. Here are just a few and if you have something you'd like to add to this list please email us at and we'd love to listen, read, and review it! 

Wired Feature | How Caffeine Addiction Changed History (feat. Michael Pollan)

James Hoffman | Caffeine: Explained

Healthy Place Blog | How Caffeine Affected My Anxiety

Joe Rogan Experience | What Michael Pollan Learned from Quitting Caffeine for 3 Months

Dr Rangan Chatterjee | Matthew Walker Sleep Expert Reveals how Caffeine Destroys Your Sleep & Productivity

Penguin Books UK | Matthew Walker - How Does Caffeine Affect Sleep?

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